Tacos and Vinyl: An Obscure Record Review (Raging E.P. by The Beyond)

Should you go vinyl-shopping hungry, you may end up buying a record based on beef content alone. Likewise, I am certain that by choosing to review this album under the influence of pork wrapped in corn tortillas, I’ve skewed the criticism in the record’s favor. Hey, it’s a prog-rock record. I had to partake in some sort of illicit substance in wrapped in something.

It’s staggering to believe that, pre-Nevermind, any major label would have put out a picture-vinyl featuring a cow swimming with hammerhead sharks. EMI subsidiary, Harvest (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple), did it for The Beyond in the same year as the band’s debut L.P., Crawl. Harvest must have heard something they liked.

On Raging E.P, The Beyond shift between plodding metal and skittery jazz/blues a la Rush. In fact, they make no effort to hide their affection for Rush. John Whitby maintains clean and unaffected vocals where he could easily resort to growling. There are two live tracks on the B-Side which were well worth having to squeegee the pork fat off of just to hear; they are as tight as studio versions, which is remarkable considering the amount of technical musicianship therein.

Raging is a great listen for when you need to scratch the prog-rock itch without the risk of wearing down your copy of Moving Pictures.


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